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Identify and Mitigate Risk

SterlingRisk Consulting

SterlingRisk Consulting's experienced advisory and consulting team helps Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), private equity funds, institutional lenders and capital market providers identify, quantify, and most importantly, mitigate risk.

How Can I Protect My Assets on an Ongoing Basis?

For the duration of your involvement in a project, either as an owner, investor or lender, count on your SterlingRisk advisory team to be there evaluating, analyzing and mitigating a multitude of potential risks, including:

Dianne Haines

Senior Vice President

Dianne is a Senior Vice President and manages the California office of SterlingRisk. She provides risk management, consulting and brokerage services for SterlingRisk’s clients. She lends her expertise in real estate and construction to insurance program design, coverage analysis, contract reviews, compliance issues and risk assessments.

Identify & Mitigate Risk

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